S4S Technologies Founded In:
Empowering Farmers, Reducing Food Waste
John Magura

S4S Technologies: Empowering Farmers, Reducing Food Waste

S4S Technologies (founded in 2013) is a social enterprise on a mission to tackle two critical challenges in India: food waste and rural poverty, with a particular focus on empowering women farmers. They achieve this by providing smallholder farmers with innovative solar-powered drying technology. These dryers extend the shelf life of produce by up to a year, giving farmers a crucial second chance to sell their crops and increase their income potential. This technology helps to preserve fruits, vegetables, grains, and spices that might otherwise spoil due to a lack of proper storage facilities, particularly in remote areas. By equipping farmers with this innovative solution, S4S Technologies empowers them to become more resilient and independent, reducing their reliance on traditional market fluctuations and minimising post-harvest losses.