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We are leading Laser Cutting Service Provider and Manufacturer of Eco-friendly Improved Cook Stoves (Chulha) and Biomass Stoves for Commercial and Industrial purposes. We do precision and aesthetically excellent Stainless Steel, Aluminum , MS Sheet metal Fabrication and Components. We also have the expertise in contract manufacturing and OEM.

We Provide Laser Cutting Services

At Swami Samarth Electronics Pvt. Ltd, we have the capabilities to deliver top quality laser cutting services in india.we cater cities like Nashik, Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Goa, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Indore, Delhi, Noida, Ludhiana, Nagpur, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Coimbator and states like Maharashtra, Gujrat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradhesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Our facility provides a wide range of laser cutting Job, CNC cutting and we cater our laser cutting services in Pan India, and have had the opportunity to take on an huge array of projects all over the years.

OEM Products

Solar Conduction Dryer

Totally electricity free operation resulting in to zero operating coast.
Reduction in capital coast by 3-5 times than conventional solar dryers.

Solar Dryer for Vegetables

Modular system providing dryer that suits to individual farmer as well as food processing industry.

Solar Dryer for Seafoods

Customizable loading capacity range from 3 kgs to 1000 kgs. A system that can be easily assembled and dismantled thus provides ease of transport and installation.

Solar Dryer for Dried Foods

Best suited to dehydrate vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs, fish and sprouts.
Also useful in industrial drying of incense sticks, chalks etc.

Few Words About Biomass Stove

With 55% of India's population still using inefficient chulhas, which require at least 6-8 kg of firewood daily/family, Swami Samarth has developed 'Agneeka' -- a fuel efficient yet affordable cookstove -- for those who cannot afford or do not have access to cooking options like gas or electric stoves. Agneekaa reduces Carbon (CO2) Emissions by 95% and can use wood, coal, biomass pellets, rice husk etc as fuel. The enterprise intends to take its product to the masses through its distribution network, which will be created across rural India. While it is already in the process of tie-ups with various NGOs and other social organizations like WHO, it plans to partner with microfinance institutions and gram panchayats to reach out to more people. Meanwhile, by appointing local entrepreneurs (like tea stallholders) as dealers, the company is able to give live demos and promote the cookstoves directly. It also manufactures pellet-based commercial biomass stove for the brand 'Oorja' owned by First Energy.
Soumitra Kulkarni
CEO at SSE Pvt. Ltd

Biomass Cooking Stoves

Agneekaa Biomass Stove Gasifire 25000 watt

Agneekaa Biomass Gasifire Stove is a 25000 watt stove, and it has LPG Burner like flame control. Eco Friendly. Easy to Operate and Handle.

Agneekaa Biomass Eco (ND) Stove

Agneekaa Eco (ND) Biomass Cooking Stove It’s a stove (chulha) developed and designed by using Scientific principles and latest technology with safety features.

Agneekaa Biomass Premium (ND) Stove

This Agneekaa Premium ND Stove is a Low smoke comparing with mud chulha. Wood saving of 50% comparing with mud chulha.

Eco Mini Improved Cook Stove

Its a Biomass Stove developed using scientific principle and latest technology. you can use wood, agro waste, cow dung cakes, corn stalks, coal, coconut shell as the fuel in this stove.

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